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--- Quote from: Vic N on August 20, 2009, 07:57 PM ---Do you know the approximate age of the tree?
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It is hard to tell the age of satsukis.


--- Quote from: Vic N on August 20, 2009, 07:57 PM ---I'm also curious as to the care of the hollowed out trunk. Is it treated with a preservative of any kind?  Thanks, Vic

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No no no, preservatives, like lime sulfur, do not react well with azaleas. The only thing I do to take care of the hollowed trunk is pick away soft wet wood. Since there are not many carved azaleas like this, I am still figuring out how to really care for it.


Winter Update, photo tells it best.

2010 Update,

I was unhappy with the branching of this tree, so I talked to Dave, and we decided to start over. He doesn't usually reccomend it, but given the circumstances and the fact that I have many years of bonsai in the future, we cut of all the branches!  :o

This happened in April, along with a repot, and it really pushed since then. I took off several branches in the fall when I did fall work, and put curve into the ones I kept. Year one down, several years of developing to go!

Pics taken yesterday.


I think its a big improvement that you removed those large branches.  The new branches look to have been well-selected and look good.

What's the variety?


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