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Hollow Trunk Satsuki

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Evening All,

Here are some current pictures of this tree taken this evening. My son has been working with this tree for several years. Tree was aggressively cut back a week ago to encourage back budding. and increase ramification. and it is already pushing new growth. For my son satsuki grow like weeds on our bonsai benches. JRob

Very refreshing to see a satsuki in this vein.  Thanks for the photos, looking forward to seeing it bloom someday. Like a phoenix from the ashes.

Judy, Here are some pics of the flowers of the variety I pulled off the net. I'd have to search old pics to see if I have any of this tree in flower. JRob

Leo in NE Illinois:
That is a really interesting tree. I love the hollow trunk. Good job. Great to see how well it recovered only 4 years after removing the large old branches. Fantastic improvement.

Thought the group might like an update on this tree. It was repotted this year March and is doing well. Now to refine and ramify. Rob


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