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Hollow Trunk Satsuki - Update 2013


Morning All,

So I've posted a previous thread on the Fall Satsuki Work. I thought I'd take the opportunity to update the progress of this tree. There is a previous thread showing the development of this tree. It was purchased for my son in the spring of 2009. It is an old classic variety called Eiken. Go to that thread for the trees history and development. The pictures here are showing it prior to the start of the fall maintenance and the second is after the work done as described in the last tread in this species section. Shimsuki will be coming home this weekend from university for the thanksgiving holiday and will be wiring it. I'll post those pictures when done. We are both pleased with the way it is coming. The pot is 9"wide, the nebari is 8" in diameter and the tree will finish at 9" tall. Hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks with their trees before they're bedded down. JRob


Here is Shimsuki's Kinsai (First Two) and another waiting for him. JRob

Dave Murphy:
Great little tree with an awesome trunk.  I think the pot fits it wonderfully.

Food, football, and bonsai...should be an awesome thanksgiving! Those trees look like fun, can't wait to see the end result.

There is never a result especially in our life time.
Qualicum Brian


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