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Good read??


Anyone know of any good articals on growing azaleas? For seed/cuttings to almost finished trees? I have a very young azalea about 7 inches tall and the size of a pencil. I want to plant it in the grown next year. Gonna work on the roots this year

There are a few texts available that detail the care of Satsuki Azaleas.  There's one (put out by stone lantern?) by Callaham, and the other is "Floral treasures of Japan" by Kennedy.  Check out Amazon.  Previously, the Kennedy book was dirt cheap on ebay.

John Kirby:
Try international bonsai magazine, also a book that someone in BIB must have is Naka, Ohta and Rokkaku, Bonsai Techniques for Satsuki. Expensive, but technically good.

Bring it to a BIB workshop during repotting season, I'm sure Boon could help you out.  I'm no expert on growing trees out but I would assume you will want to work on the nebari over the first several years and possibly put some movement in the trunk-the movement would be differnt depending on how large a tree you want.  I believe in Japan they grow Satsuki in large Kanuma raised beds, i'm not sure if that's a good idea or not, I guess it would be super expensive and I might assume there would be a good alternative here.

Even if you throw it in the ground right away, IMO you should dig it up and work on the nebari every few years.   

Thanks guys. And yes I'm going to work on the roots before anything


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