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Blooming right now!


I would like to ask the group: can I airlayer Satsuki's now and when is the best time to root small cuttings? I found about 20 Satsuki's on sale at a local nursery. All have nice small leaves and branches and have great ramification. My delemna is they are shrubs and not bonsai. I am scheduling a workshop for my local Bonsai Club so we will root prune and cut them way back in March. Most of the Satsuki's have lost thier variety tags. The branches we are going to remove are quite large and will make great small trees or material for later workshops. This first picture is a small one that I bought for the blooms alone. Enjoy!

I've had good luck rooting satsuki this time of year and in spring/summer.  I think its recommended that cuttings be taken in spring though. 

As for airlayers, maybe someone else can help you there.

Thanks Bwaynef, I will start to take small cuttings to root now. We have such a mild winter here in the Charleston area that the azaleas almost never stop growing. At least that way I will get to save a bloom or two to help ID the variety.

Well here it is two months later from when I bought this Satsuki with bloom and it is still blooming. It is now November and the temperature is cold here...in the 50's at night and it is still blooming. I think it is going to make a great Bonsai...well for blooms anyway.     Don


--- Quote from: donmaple on October 23, 2009, 06:25 PM ---when is the best time to root small cuttings?
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In summer, put them into kanuma and keep them humid if you can. Satsukis root like weeds  ;D


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