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'Wakaebisu' flowers late September

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Good Evening All,

When my son and I visited Rice University in Houston this past February we swung by Cabrera Farms Nursery in Sugarland, TX and spend a couple of hours with Phillip Drilling. One of the things we brought back was this Wakaebisu. It had lovely flowers in the spring. It has thrived on my benches here in Missouri and this morning this bloom opened. Several more were picked off but I just could not resist letting two buds remain. Flowers this late in September would could resist. The Shohin behind it is my Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira" or Lion's Mame Japanese Maple from Gregory Beach Bonsai.


John Kirby:
I noticed last weekend that my Japanese Mountain Azaleas were blooming as well, cooler late summer and fall, I guess. I pruned my satsukis hard this summer, don't expect too much from them this fall (usually will have a few bllom in the shade house).

Nice picture.

Don Blackmond:
Wakaebisu are great trees, prolific bloomers and rebloomers.  There are some really nice, young exposed root Wakaebisu floating around the market right now.
Also, Guy Guidry has a patent on a strain that blooms very well.

Winter Update, photo tells it best.

Drop by next February, and we'll teach you how to repot satsuki - for FREE!
Guarantee lots of "hands on" experience.
Work conditions are cold and wet.
Hours are long.
I never seem to get many takers on this offer....
Pictures from last summer.
These trees are all in 100% kanuma.
Telperion Farms


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