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O.K. so I dug my flame tree seeds up again and this time I scratched the seed. Or at least tried too because the outer shell is very hard. I ended up having to nick the corners. Anyway, much to my surprise one came up. Now it is about 15 inches tall.
The other thing is I put one of my Spruces outside. Not in direct sunlight but in the shade. I made sure it had water and I waited. It's wasn't too hot yet. Well, after only a few days it began to die and there wasn't anything I could do to save it. Even after I brought it back in and tried to nurse it back to health. I guess it's not always about being outside. I think the problem was that it was too small of a seedling and needed to stay away from extreme weather until it was larger. Oh, well, lesson learned.
Hi everyone! O.K. so after doing some research I wanted to get a Japanese Garden Pine bonsai. I may be saying that wrong or left a word out. I am not even sure if it's considered a pine. I just know it's a Japanese Garden something. I can't find where I wrote all my info down. Sorry, all I know is that according to the internet it is suppose to be like the easiest bonsai you can get. My problem is that I live in California. And when I went to buy a small seedling it says that these trees cannot be sent to California! Some regulation thing. So, does anyone know what I can get that looks like this tree and is easy as this tree is to make a bonsai out of? So far I am not having good luck with my bonsai's. 😞 Thx
Hello everyone!
I am rather new to Bonsai having a flame tree and two spruce pines. They came in a kit I got for Christmas. I have another post describing my issues I am having but this post is only about one thing and I think most of you who are experienced might be able to answer it. I am trying to find the right spot in my house for my flame tree. It has about a 12-inch trunk that I am pretty happy with until it stopped growing anyways and it grows branches quite often. However, it doesn't seem to want to keep more than only two branches at a time. It will grow a third but then the leaves turn yellow and fall off, followed by the branch turning yellow and then falling off. What the heck! It is 1 1/2 years old now. And the trunk hasn't grown any either for over 8 months. I have only given it fertilizer a few times and I know this isn't good but I don't know what kind to give it or how much. I don't want to kill it. Right now it's in a very sunny window. Not so much direct light but very sunny and bright. I moved it to a less bright window and it still lost its leaves and branches. I then tried yet another window but still the same thing. Maybe even worse so I just put it back to where I originally had it. Does anyone have any thoughts about what I could do to help it keep its branches? And what to give it for fertilizer, how much and when? I live in the Mojave desert and it is summertime right now. It is very hot outside so it can't go outside for sure. It gets to 106 outside. As it gets colder I might put it outside until the winter comes and the freezing temperatures hit. Another should I question. Thx Oh, I added a pic of it underneath the very sunny window I had it in. I am keeping it where it is right now in the photo though to see if it helps. So far it hasn't.
Evergreen Bonsai Discussion / Re: Chinese Holly (Ilex crenata)… oh boy...
« Last post by rickj55 on July 13, 2020, 09:13 AM »
It is now July 2020, how did the Ilex turn out? I have several Ilex Schilling here in florida and we have to be careful not to remove too much root at a time. Reduction is a gradual process.
General Bonsai Discussion / Air Layring problem
« Last post by Radu on June 09, 2020, 05:37 AM »
I have a problem with an air layring. I have done it on a flaky japanesse mapple with the intention to make a bonsai. This is the tree before the air layring
I did the air layring on the long leg, approx 30 cm under the crown.

I did it in April (I live in Glasgow UK). And I placed the tree in a place with partial sun and take constant care of it. At the beginning, the leaves at the top of braches dried off, but the rest was ok for a long time. A week ago (about 6 weeks since the air layring) I have checked for new roots, but did not see any. There were some white bumps in the area above the cut, so I closed back the moss bag and decided to wait longer.

But in the last three days all the leaves became currly and dried off. It was a surprise, since two days ago everything was fine. This is how the tree looks now:

Could anybody give me an advice? I want to save at least the rest of the tree.
General Bonsai Discussion / Collecting in the wild
« Last post by skrandle on December 20, 2019, 12:48 AM »
Although it’s in the wild, in this case, it’s my back yard.
I’d like to know how to cut down the root ball to fit a bonsai pot.
In more detail the knowledge of the percentage of what to cut and time frame, the time between cutting more to complete it.
Thanks for the post. I am afraid to put anything outside because we are in early summer here and it gets up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of my plants don't survive it. Should I still put them outside? Since I last posted I have the same two that spouted in a sunny window and although they are growing very slow they are growing. But my Flame tree still has not come up. I ended up digging for the seeds to see if they are still there. Two of them dissolved while the other two looked as though nothing has touched them. They look the exact same. So I soaked them for a couple of hours again and then re potted them. Putting them not so deep into the soil as before. But it has been at least three months and still nothing. Do I need to do a stratification with them and put them in the fridge for a while? Or something else? Should I use some other soil? They are also in a sunny however non direct light window. Should I chip them? I here some people do that to help? Any advise would be great/ Oh, and when do I repot put my other seeds that came up. They are only about 2/12 inches long right now with some early green pine needle looking things.
Good work keeping seedlings alive so far.  Do the growing containers have holes in bottom?  Have you kept them outside at all?  They need to be there or they will die.  As for the Flame Tree seeds maybe they are past viability period?  If still having any seed for Flame Tree try planting outside.
When putting seedlings outside put in partial sun or dappled shade 3 or 4 weeks to avoid sunburn.  After can put in full sun most of day.  Best of fortune with them.
Deciduous Bonsai Discussion / Wisteria with 'bleaching' leaves.
« Last post by WeeTrees on June 15, 2019, 09:13 AM »
This is a 5 or 6-yo air layered Wisteria which was repotted last year into its cascade pot and grew well in the summer afterwards. This season, however, it started off earlier than its younger pot grown one (in a cold and damp March here in the UK). Initially all looked well, but the past few days I've noticed that many of the leaves are whitening or at least getting white spots where the chlorophyll seems to have gone out of the leaf. It's fed weekly with Green Dream (UK) feed and has been sprayed as a precaution against aphids 2 weeks ago as we had a mild winter so the bugs were out in force much earlier in the season than usual.  One of the photos shows the underside of the leaves but in truth there's nothing visible on either surface. It's kept in a south facing town yard with sun for the first 4-5 hours of the day I've other bonsai (Hawthorn, Maple, Spirea, Apple. Elm etc) all of which are fine with no evidence of anything similar, and the younger Wisteria is also fine (kept in similar conditions except in a small container).

As the tree is still growing well currently I'm keen to not make assumptions that it'll come good when perhaps it won't so keen to see if anyone's come across a similar problem.
Hello everyone! I am really hoping you guys can help me. Otherwise I am out of luck. I got Bonsai seeds in a package with fertilizer and cups for Christmas from my son. I love the thought of growing and having Bonsai tress. In this package and what I want to talk about is the (Pinus Aristata) or Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, (Picea Abies) or Norway Spruce and most importantly the (Delonix Regia) or Flame tree. Since they come with soil, cups, and instructions I did everything the way it said to do it. Now here is my problem. The first two Bonsai's mentioned and all 5 seeds in each container that I planted started coming up. They got to about 3 inches and stopped growing. They have been in this state now without growth for like 3 months. Their not dead. Just not growing. O.K. and for the last one. My Flame tree. It didn't come up at all. After several months and after I fertilized it once just in case it needed it I dug the seeds out to see if they were still there or if they disintegrated. Well, I dug out the two big ones and it appears that the other 3 that were planted I guess disintegrated because they are not there anymore. But the two seeds I dug out looked like they weren't touched. They look the same way as when they went in. I started thinking maybe it didn't get enough water? But the other 3 must have because they decomposed or whatever. I am so frustrated. I have been at it since the beginning of February. That is when I planted them. The first two look really good. They started building their first little green branches off the stem. But then like I said just stopped. I have them in a window that has the most light in my house. However, not direct sun light. I make sure that their soil doesn't go completely dry because they are so young still. And are still only seeds  for the one. But I don't soak them or anything. What do I do? Or what can I do? Does anyone have a flame tree that they started as a seed? Should I start over with the flame tree seeds and put them in new fertilizer? Is there a way to start getting roots by putting the seeds in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel like you would with bean seeds to get the roots started? And then plant them when they get some roots growing out of the seed? Should I start all 3 of them over with new fertilizer? I live in zone 8b or 9a I can't tell which one on the map. But according to what I read they should be fine.  And why did the others just stop growing yet are not dead. Am I being too impatient? It's just they seem to grow at a steady fast rate at first and then just stopped all together. So I don't know. Any help would be appreciated. I really want to show my son some day the trees he gave me for Christmas. And I love plants and trees. I have many. I would like to think I have a green thumb.
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