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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Discussion / Re: Dothistroma & blight
« Last post by Kent2106 on April 20, 2017, 05:10 AM »
Bwaynef, thank you for your reply!

I am pretty sure it is one of the blights -  Dothistroma has caused many problems with commercial pine growers here in SA and it is listed as the main culprit (along with cast) causing trees to suffer/die.  They don't really spray or treat in commercial growing because of high cost.  They rather chop the trees and let the ground/soil recover by not planting for a few years. But copper fungicides is what they list as treatment.

Not touching needles and start spraying in spring...this is what I have done last year! Didn't touch the tress but had a rigorous spraying program in place starting in winter  (lime sulphur, Chlorothalonil, copper fungicides) all the way through to autumn... no success. 

My thinking was to rather stress the trees now (autumn) and to eliminate fruiting bodies infecting current year needles.  Have the winter dormancy for recovering and (hopefully) no or very little spores in spring... in theory!!!

I did read on a well respected bonsai website that blight/Dothistroma can NOT be cured but rather managed by removing infected needles as soon these show signs of infection - hence reducing the likelihood for the pathogens to spread.  BUT if once infected you will not be able to get rid of it.  Can anyone confirm this???

For now my plan is to use higher concentrations of the copper fungicides and spray in shorter intervals. 
Well, I guess this is the only choice I have...
Bonsai Shows Discussion / Walter Pall's American assistant
« Last post by snipologist on April 19, 2017, 12:06 AM »
My friend Jennifer Price has been working with Walter Pall for a few years.  He refers to her as his American assistant and as Bonsai Princess.  Jennifer will be doing a demo and workshop at Generations Bonsai in Munich, Germany.  The location is MINORU BONSAIAlter Bammentaler Weg 1069151 Neckargem√ľnd. Jennifer will do a demo on Friday May 12 from 9 am to 5pm and a workshop on Sunday May 14 from 9 am to 5pm.  I know this is short notice but if anyone will be in Munich at the time you might check it out.  For more info go to
General Bonsai Discussion / Inquiring on method for dying sphagnum moss
« Last post by idowatsu on April 15, 2017, 05:22 PM »
I am getting ready to follow a suggestion to grate 50/50 sphagnum moss and regular moss to keep in the soil after transplanting. There was a comment by Ryan Niel about dying the sphagnum to not look so bleached. I have take-sumi ink  although I am not sure how to actually dye the moss, like how much to dilute the ink. can anyone enlighten me?
Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Discussion / Re: Dothistroma & blight
« Last post by bwaynef on April 14, 2017, 08:35 AM »
I look at this from two viewpoints.  You need to verify what it is you're up against.  In the US, there are (Agricultural) extension offices that can test for various diseases and ailments.  Do you have something like that available to you?  The next best situation would be if you have a reputable nursery close by that may have experience with what you're dealing with.

If you can't verify as mentioned above, and your belief is that you can (effectively?) manage it by spraying in the spring, why put the tree through the stress of removing needles unnecessarily?
Fruiting and Flowering Bonsai Discussion / Re: reshaping crabapple trunk
« Last post by bwaynef on April 14, 2017, 08:29 AM »
I'd imagine, if you want abrubt, angular, sharp bends, you'll need to chop it and only wire for direction rather than movement.
Evergreen Bonsai Discussion / Re: Mugo pine dying buds
« Last post by bwaynef on April 14, 2017, 08:26 AM »
As to grafting I don't do grafting on Mugos and grow a lot them. 

Is that because they bud so readily you don't find it necessary, or because you've managed to work around it in your designs?
Fruiting and Flowering Bonsai Discussion / Re: reshaping crabapple trunk
« Last post by Jay on April 14, 2017, 06:38 AM »
Well..... Wrapping the branch or trunk is never a bad idea. As for abrupt bends, hard to say. My gut is probably not, especially in 1/2 inch material. Crabs will snap. If you have multiple trunks (or a thick branch) one which you are planning to remove, take the time and wire that one. You will learn quickly what you can't do. If you are a member of a club, or are near a club, bring the tree to a meeting. Someone is going to be able to help you. First hand visual knowledge is the best. And being in a club opens up a knowledge base to you.
Good luck
Fruiting and Flowering Bonsai Discussion / Nanking bush cherry
« Last post by msudholt on April 13, 2017, 11:31 PM »
Years ago I had some Nanking bush cherries at my home.  Some of them were white cherries, Prunus tomentosa alba.  We later moved and since that time I have had no luck locating the white variety.  Anyone out there know of a source?
Thanks.  Mike 
Fruiting and Flowering Bonsai Discussion / Re: reshaping crabapple trunk
« Last post by msudholt on April 13, 2017, 06:24 PM »
Thanks Jay.  Since the bark appears thin abd tender I assume need to wrap trunk before wiring.  How  prone to breakage is this genus?  Can abrupt bends be made in trunk w/o breakage?
Fruiting and Flowering Bonsai Discussion / Re: reshaping crabapple trunk
« Last post by Jay on April 13, 2017, 09:28 AM »
Hi.... Yes I have worked with Crab's. Presently own two. At a 1/2 inch you probably can bend the trunk if properly wired. I have found these to be very nice and the reward of flowers and tiny fruit in spring is worth the effort. Remember if you do get flowers (and then fruit) it does stress the tree. Much energy goes into the flowers and fruit and you will not get much growth. After the flowers have gone remove all or almost all the fruit.

I have a collected Crab that is also rather leggy. I am hoping to do some grafts to obtain branches lower on the trunk. I will be growing out a couple of branches this year to use as thread grafts next winter. In addition I am hoping to have a cutting to use as well.
Good luck
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