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A review,
This years Kokufu show book is a real treat. The first thing that I realized that is special about Kokufu 84 is the first American owned tree in the show. Doug Paul's gorgeous Japanese Hemlock is featured on pg. 170. The Kokufu prizes this year went to a phenomenal cascading white pine (pg. 44), a fantastic black pine named 'Fudoh' (pg. 152), and a dynamite pomegranate with excellent ramification (pg. 256). This year, like recent years, has spectacular trees from start to finish, but I found, being most interested in satsuki azaleas, that the satsukis in Kokufu 83 far passed Kokufu 84 in quality. However, the quality of all the other trees makes this year's Kokufu a great investment for everyone in the bonsai hobby. Although expensive, the book helps people to develop an eye for design regarding bonsai styling, pot selection, and display, and would serve as a great addition to anybody's bookshelf or coffee table.


To see the pictures of the 3 Kokufu prize winners and Doug Paul's hemlock, visit

Good review.  The most recent Kokufu book I have is 82 (I think) with a number of older ones (54,57,65,69,78, etc.).  The books are a great resource and a wonderful tool for learning.  I enjoy flipping through looking at the trees, then back through to look at the trunks specifically, then branches, pots, stands, etc.

William N. Valavanis:
I agree that the NO. 84 Kokufu Bonsai Ten Exhibition Album is one of the best. Good variety of trees and sizes too. My copies arrived last week and still have some for sale. Also have a few NO. 83 and NO. 82 also. They are $130 postpaid and you can contact me at:

or go to my website at:

The website does not have the NO. 84 listed yet, but we can work that out if you are interested.


Bill, Boon or someone who is knowledgeable on the Kokufu books,

In 84 on page 25 or 56 for example where two or more trees are shown and the pic is noted as Important Bonsai Masterpiece, how do I know which tree is being noted as IBM. Is it always the main tree in the display? (I guess I am going to have to learn some japanese).

Thanks & Regards,


William N. Valavanis:
Of course it's the main tree which is designated as the Important Bonsai Masterpiece. If the smaller bonsai was an Important Bonsai Masterpiece IT would be the main specimen on display and would be in an totally different exhibit.



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