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Interview with Owen Reich

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Owen Reich:
Thanks Peter, I'm a fan of your work.  Very rhythmic movement in your designs.  I look forward to seeing some projects from your work here in Japan.  I am about to start a Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Seka' project and will post when initial styling is finished.  The tree is almost a meter tall and the biggest "base-grafted" one I've ever seen.  I'm happy to see so many Americans studying here right now.  I think I heard the rumblings of an impending BOOM from America  ;D. 

Owen Reich

You guys are sitting in the same room right now, aren't you?

Yes, please, both of you post more work!  I can't wait until you both move to KY after successful completion of your apprenticeships.  :)

Owen Reich:
I believe Peter is in Nagoya right?  Want to visit all the nurseries there but haven't had a chance.  I live in Osaka. John, I want to check your place out when I return to America for two months in December.

Owen, you're welcome any time, come on up.  We'll put you to work.  Now I just need to find a nice needle juniper.  I know how all the young apprentices like working with that species.  :)

Peter Tea:
Thanks and Yes, I'm in Nagoya Owen.  I am posting my work on my blog currently at (shameless plug ;))  I should post here too.  John, we have a lot of needle junipers here.  I'm actually starting to like them a lot.  They remind me that I'm still alive.  Plus, I always thought I had too much blood anyways.  Can't wait to see your work Owen.  Take care and have fun!


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