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Interview with Owen Reich

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Owen Reich:
Peter, and everyone else involved in the blood-sport of working with needle juniper for that matter, should look into Bionic Rose Gloves. They don't limit your dexterity and save your hands from stabbings.  I bought them for working on black pine niwaki, but they work great for Tosho too.  They also keep the sap off.

John and Owen thanks for posting this.  I always enjoy reading or watching interviews especially from the guys going over to apprentice in Japan.  I'm also super excited for the impending BOOM!  Peter Tea's blog is incredible, filled with great info if anyone has not checked it out.     

Owen Reich:

That should work.  Please forgive my non-jedi status.  This is the Sekka Hinoki project i alluded to earlier in this thread.

Try this one:


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