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I wrote about this method in my article below. I'll post more information here soon.

John Kirby:
See also Jonas does a really nice job with an ROR Trident he is getting ready to show. John

Today at our study group meeting we watched the repotting dvd. Wayne went ahead and purchased the 2 dvd set and we are splitting the cost(just gotta give him my half). I was most impressed with the knowledge presented in the dvd. I have now begun to re-think my approach to repotting not only JBP but other conifers and decids. Boon, thank you! I look forward to any more dvds that you produce.   :)

John Kirby:
I watched the Repotting video on the flight from Dallas to San Diego, the surgeon sitting next to me was fascinated by the anchoring and tie in procedures.......


I to got these under the tree Christmas morning ;D ;D

Excellent information presented very well.  Athough I would have liked to have seen examples of problem root systems and how to tackle them.  For me this would have completed the repotting video nicely.



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