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Adair M:
I have to say that the JBP series is excellent.  I watched the fall DVD again, then went out and worked one of my pines, and I can't tell you how much better it looked.  I'm sure it would not have looked nearly as good had I not reviewed the DVD before I did the work.

I can't wait until I go to the Intensive!

money is thought and one member said why pay that much when you can learn that on the net or all the same techniques are in the pine book from wayne at stone lantern

Adair M:
Has that member SEEN the videos?  I have not seen anything that detailed and specific on the Internet.  Grahm Potter's videos come closest.   There are some BAD videos on the Internet, too.

i know i watch all graham's videos and have only heard about boon's videos ill just have to buy them myself at some point

The Stone Lantern book in my opinion is not that good.  It's a compendium of articles by different authors that use different terminology.  If you can afford them, I would save your money and buy the Boon DVDs instead.  I believe he offers a bit of a discount if you buy the group together.

If you want a free resource that is better than the Stone Lantern book, I would recommend this article from Hans van Meer:


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