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Root Freeze

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Tony G:
   I just received my ponarosa from Andy Smith. What a nice tree, his pictures don't do it justice.  Well, the temps have fallen into the 20's F at night. In Andy's care instructions he says to dig a hole, fill with mulch, place tree in hole and cover to the rim of the pot with mulch. Will bark chunks work for this? It's I think the only mulch at lowes that is not artificial. Thanks fo any help.

Don Blackmond:
yes that will be fine.  you are essentially just protecting the roots from wild temperature fluctuations.  the unprotected pot will warm and cool every day/night, and the temperature swings can be extreme.
you can wrap the pot in cloth/burlap and set it on the ground somewhere protected from wind and sun also.

Absolutely fine. Just one quick tip though; I see many trees left on display stands during winter. wrapped or otherwise. Get the trees off the display stands and just stand on the ground. Temperatures will be much kinder than being left stuck up in the air being blast frozen. This has even further benefits if you have a sheltered display area. Ground to up high can vary many degrees.


Tony G:
   Thanks for the  reply. What do you mean by the sun also? I thought Pondies liked the sun. And the spot I keep my bonsai gets sun most of the day. It's the only place that doesn't get blasted by the high winds we have out here. Should it just be left in the shed its in now? It's a 10'x10' metal building with a small window so it gets a little indirect light and is not insulated so it gets cold at night, but the temp fluctuations aren't as great. I'm just not comfortable with it getting that little light. However I'm new to pines and don't know very much about them.

John Kirby:
You are in a petty high zone (low temp wise), I would put them outside, do you get snows that stick very often (like Big Bear or Arrowhead)? John


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