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I am hesitantly IDing this as a ponderosa, it has bundles of 3 needles, bluish green, at least 3in long. Sorry about the awkward colour of the photos - stupid accidental iphone filters...

Any advice? Mostly it's just growing away right now and recovering from last years collection, but I am wondering if anyone can point me to any ponderosa resources (books, sites, threads on here etc.) on needle pulling and care. Or do I just treat it like a 2-needle pine?


thomas tynan:
Try to locate the Larry Jackel book on Ponderosa Pines. Also....an older article in International Bonsai by Walter Pall on Ponderosa Pines. Tom

Also, instragram-filtered photos make it difficult when you're seeking an ID (although, technically, I see you're not seeking an ID; just hesitant in your own ID).

Thanks I will take a look. I saw that book mentioned in a few of the threads in this section.

I didn't intend to use the filters, I think I accidentally pressed a bunch of things while trying to get photos. I didn't notice the colour until I downloaded them to my PC   :-\

Hey Jlushious

Nice work so far! This is the type of material that is good to start out collecting.  As you gain more confidence with success you can collect larger and older trees.  What type of soil/growing medium did you use?  I would suggest pure sifted and washed pumice for collected trees.  I would also suggest not performing any major styling or anything else except watering and feeding now.  I would not worry about needle size, just getting the tree really healthy for now. 


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