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It's in a really well draining mix that I am using in my zone. It's turface, lava and perlite. We get really hot drying winds in the summer as well as extreme freeze/thaw cycles all winter. This is my first experiences with the weather here, so I hope I am doing the right thing with soil selections.

Adair M:
Assuming that is a pondy, you treat it like a Japanese WHITE pine, or 5 needle pine.  Do not treat it like a BLACK pine.

Thanks Adair! Will do.

Snapped better photos. I actually collected two. Both are kind of leaning right now, but I would like to make the first photo a slant style and the second photo more of an informal upright in a few years when I repot them.

Watched a few of Ryan Neil's white pine youtube videos and read through some more of the threads here and am pretty much just going to leave them for a few years to get established. Gives me lots of time to figure out what to do with them!

Adair M:
Ryan has a nice video of him styling a large pondy.  In it he tells tales of his apprenticeship.  I think it was at the Midwest Bonsai Club?  (Not sure of that.)

Larry Jackel has written the definitive book on Ponderosa.  Available again at Stone Lantern.  Our own John Kirby wrote a chaper!


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