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Yes, I have a line on buying a copy of that book from amazon. I really like these two that I collected and don't want to kill em!

I will add that video of Ryan to my list, I only got through a few today.

I also have Larrys book and mentioned that to Ryan when I met him last summer and he disagrees.  Don't decandle or remove needles except on the bottom of the branches.  The more needles to give the tree strength the more strength to back bud.  Also don't worry about needle length until "final" development to show.  Another way to help with back budding is to fertilize very little in the summer and then after the needles are hardened off really pour it on and that strength will encourage the new buds to pop out for next years growth.  I feel very blessed to have been able to talk to Ryan and buy some trees directly from Randy Knight and have asked them a lot of questions.  Ponderosas are now my favorite trees.  8) 8)


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