Author Topic: Ponderosa with Compacted Soil  (Read 6543 times)


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Re: Ponderosa with Compacted Soil
« Reply #15 on: May 02, 2012, 10:46 AM »
That was my JBP and the aeration did help quite a bit with draining.  I'd suggest doing this or leaving it be.  It looks very healthy.  When mine went south this spring, already a couple small buds had died and broken off while others looked very healthy with forming candles.  At the autopsy, there were no new roots and a thick root mass.  I posted a pic here on another thread if you want a look.

I got a burlapped replacement last week and again followed Andy's advice, which is the same as Jack says in his Pondy book, to remove 25% or root mass.  What I did was pick away the loose duff, and aerate with a chopstick the rest.  Any roots removed were from breaking of while picking away the duff.  So I'm not even sure I removed 25%.  But left if so it should drain very well.  So if you do want to aerate, I'd too say use a chopstick.  The rebar was fine for the JBP cause it's in a 15 gal container with a huge root mass.  The PP's root mass aren't that large so using something smaller is appropriate imo. 

Good Luck!


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Re: Ponderosa with Compacted Soil
« Reply #16 on: April 28, 2013, 06:24 PM »
Well, it's been awhile and this thread needs updating...

Last spring the soil was aerated, and nothing else. Over the summer drainage basically became nonexistent. When it was watered the water would just sit on the soil surface for almost 10 minutes before sinking in. I gave up on waiting until spring and re-potted it sometime in early September. Thanks to the late winter it did really well, and it still seems to be the healthiest Ponderosa in my yard. Since these trees take so long to let you know whats going on, I guess ill know how it's really doing by fall...

It's potted in 50-50 turface and chicken grit, all large particle size, with a couple shreds of sphagnum from my local bog.

My only question is about the smallest white spots on the needles. a couple of my pines got them over the winter and i have no idea what it is. Anybody know what it could be? I thought spider mites but i can't find any.