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Ponderosa - progression


Jason E:
 Ponderosa Pine collected and initially styled by John Muth. Collected in Wyoming 2006
Wire was starting to bite in pretty good this year from the initial styling probably 4 years ago.
After removing the wire it was pretty obvious it needed some editing of the branches and to be rewired.
I did some pruning and rewired the tree this year after the needles had hardened off.

First photo as purchased 2012

Next of the tree after recent work

Dan W.:
Nice ponderosa :) You're doing a great job with it.

That is a nice PP, very nice trunk movement and branches.  Now all you need to do is work on ramification and needle size reduction.

Thanks for sharing.

How long were you able to leave wire on this tree?  Did the tree hold its position after the wire was removed?

Jason E:
Thank you Dan and Chris :) I think prob a couple of years from now I will start experimenting w/ the fertilizer schedule to reduce needle length. It has been moderate to heavily fed all growing season for the last 4 or 5 years and the needles are relatively short already compared to a few years ago.
The wire I removed this year had been on for 3 to 4 years w/ the exception of a few strong apical areas where the wire was removed earlier. Most of the branches held their shape fairly well although w/out the support of the wire a lot of the longer branches really sagged from the weight of the foliage towards their ends. Were possible I cut these branches back to strong growth before rewiring. Still has quite a ways to go, but there are some good beginnings of ramification in a lot of areas.

thanks again, Jason


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