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Earlier I posted a Ponderosa that I purchased for fathers day.  This is the first Ponderosa I bought, it was back in feb for my birthday.  It was collected in 08 I believe.  I have done nothing but water and fertilize.  It is starting to back bud.  I bought the other one for fathersday to play with first so I could just let this one grow. 

John Kirby:
Hi, so, why are letting this tree "grow"? You obviously saw something that you liked, what are you planning to do? One thing for sure, if you want the interior buds to become very strong, you need to place them above the branch ends. Then after they become strong you can shorten the branches. You should also consider cutting off the old needls on the "lion's tail" bench ends to help divert strength to the interior.

Good luck with this and you other ponderosa

Hiya, nice old ponderosa.  The bark looks great. 

I would seriously consider picking the branch you want to be your new leader.  Once you know that you can either remove some of the larger branches if they are higher than the new leader, or wire the tips low to push growth to the inside buds.  Whatever you choose, you have a bunch of branches all coming from the same spot, and if left to grow that spot will swell and create a reverse taper, which you want to avoid if possible.

It also appears that the soil comes right up to the trunk, so next time you repot it may be a good idea to raise it up a bit to expose any nebari that may be there.  That moment is a lot like opening a present, as you may have an amazing nebari hidden beneath the soil, or you may have a trainwreck of roots, ya never know till you dig them out.  I have had a couple hohum trees become much nicer by exposing a buried nebari.

Thanks for posting it.


I was letting it grow so it could recover.  It was collected by Andy Smith last year, and arrived here in Ohio in Feb.  So I was letting it grow and get used to the enviroment here.           andy

Tom Mounce:
Andrew,  To me, it looks like the right branch in photo 3 is going to be your tree. Good luck with it.



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