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John Kirby:
Hi, is  to  fun to have a guest who has developed a number of Kokufu award winning trees. Akio Kondo was visiting and was game tp take on a project or two. I had purchased this tree from Andy Smith 3 or 4 years ago, and had repotted it in 2007. The tree had a very nice base, great bark, and a very straight 3 inch trunk/branch sticking straight up from the nice base- a real project. This tree took a full day of work, a couple of engineering workarounds and here is the start and the final outcome. There are two possible fronts, the first is as it is presented now and the second may be better if the apex grows strongly. Anyway, the tee went from about 4' tall to about 34" tall.

(Matsubonsai is off to the right in the first picture- sorry John)

He did some serious bending on that tree.  That's incredible.


very nice,
ah,  it is a two shirts tree. 

John Kirby:
Yes, two shirts and 3 packs of Kents.

Also, it is August and not the optimal time to do this kind of extreme work. The tree was placed under 30% shade, out of the wind and gets misted a couple of times a day. Also, the tree is not fertilized, it will not be fertilized until mid September or October.


I'm sorry I missed seeing the final outcome of this tree, but as I'm sure you know sometimes work gets in the way.  Oh well, at least I can see the pictures here.  Thanks for posting!


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