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i just acquired an Ponderosa Pine and looking for tips on care i have many jbp but dont own Ponderosa Pine any tips would be great

Jason E:
Try and find a copy of Larry Jackels book- Ponerosa Pines as Bonsai.
I havent been able to find a copy to buy, but was able to borrow one.

John Kirby:
I asked Larry about a reprint of the book when I was at ABS in Denver this summer, he said one was in the works. I will see him at a workshop I am doing in Denver in a few weeks, will ask him again. John

Dan W.:
John, do you have the details for the workshop? I'd love to come down from WY. I can look up the RMBS info as well...I assume you're coming to an event for them?

John Kirby:
Dan, it is a follow up to the summer session at ABS/BCI. I have to be in Denver for work starting Saturday evening the 10th, so on the 10th we will be doing the Fall black pine work. So, check with RMBS and contact them. Should be fun.


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