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Ponderosa Pine Cascade

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John Kirby:
This Ponderosa Pine was collected by Mark Mills of Denver about a decade ago. My friend Charlie had it for a number of years and decided that it was too large. I got the tree last summer, felt it was weak and needed a good transplanting and to become a cascade. When Boon was visiting we decided to bareroot 1/2 of the tree removing the mountain soil  and placed it in this 12" tall and 14" in diameter Sarah Raynor pot. The tree will need a smaller pot later, but this pot is great for getting it going. Tree is about 3' from top to bottom.

Owen Reich:
Chunky  ;D.  Might I suggest a Tomba pot?  aka Tombabachi (from Kobe).  I have access to 5 styles.

Don Blackmond:
that trunk is a beauty.  great movement.  that's what i like in a ponderosa pine.


Tree is exceptional and an illustration of why some bonsai folks say that some of the best yamadori is avail in the U.S. I bet even Mr. Kimura would like to have this tree on his bench!


central MD 7a

Dan W.:
Very nice. I look forward to seeing your refinement work on it someday.


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