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Ponderosa Pine Cascade

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Wow!  What a pine John!  Fantastic trunk and movement.  Forget Kimura, I'd love to have this on my bench LOL

Great Tree! Nice bark, interesting movement and seems very natural in the cascade style!

WOW! What a beautiful tree. All I can say is sorry Charlie :D. The taper and natural movement in this tree is outstanding! Ponderosa are such wild and rugged looking trees. I love to see them. Thanks for sharing. I dont think I can grow them here in coastal South Carolina because of the mild winters and HOT/HUMID spring, summer, and falls. Sure would love to though. Thanks, Don.

Hi John;
I just got 3 Great Ponderosas from Randy Knight last week and have visited with Ryan Neil to see his great trees and have a question for you.  Is your tree a corkbark by chance?  Don't know if you're aware but there are a few of these out there.  Ryan has a very few of them and Randy has collected them as well.  I was floored to learn this as I'd never heard of any before.  You have a great tree to work with by the way.

I blew up your pic and I can't believe your friend parted with it!  It is a corkbark Ponderosa!  If you'd be interested in finding it a new home LET ME KNOW please.


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