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Ponderosa Pine Cascade

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Dan W.:
Hi Pot,
I agree it's a very cool tree. I'm not convinced it's a cork-bark though... Maybe John will chime in, but I can't tell from the picture. -- Here's a post on our blog about a cork pondy that I found yesterday: https://backcountrybonsai.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/cork-bark-ponderosa/

John Kirby:
Dan, you are correct. It is very old so the bark is in plates, butnot a cork bark. I have a corkbark/near corkbark that I will repot in a few weeks and will try to remember to get some pictures.


Dan W.:
I'm looking forward to seeing it John! :)

That wild tree was amazing.   The corkbarks I saw at Ryans place were not like that though as I remember.  Wish I'd actually photoed them.  Much more like that cascade in this thread.  And I STILL wouldn't throw it out for shedding needles.

Any chance of an update on this tree and maybe a new pic or two?  Please? ;)


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