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Ponderosa Pine Adjusting to the South

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About a year back I was lucky to acquire this beautiful ponderosa Pine from a retiring bonsai enthusist. The age has been verified by the Wyoming Department of Forestry to be around 300 years old. From what I understand, it was collected in the high country of Wyoming about 25 years ago. I really enjoy the Ponderosa Pines but have to watch them getting to much water in the south. After about 4 years, since my first Ponderosa, they all have survived. I have to keep the needles clipped back as I have not been able to reduce them in size.


Thats a really nice tree, Dano.      and Book em Dano....

I couldnt help it.


John Kirby:
Nice tree. I have about 40 or so in Fayetteville, AR. The best way to get the needles in to scale is to remove the old needles by cutting them off at the fasicle in August or early September and to not fertilize them until August or September as well. After I start fertilizing in the fall I don't take the fertilizer off until we start to get some bud growth in February or March (we keep them under poly during the winter. You will find that a number of folks in hot or wet or hot and wet climates tend to plant them in a high pumice mix. I think Jason in Oregon is using almost pure pumice. See Larry Jackel's "Ponderosa Pine as Bonsai" Book it has a good deal of useful information in it.


Dano, congrats on recieving a tree from someone that felt strong enough about you to trust you with it. As I get older and with the untimely death of Micheal Jackson my own mortality makes me wonder about my own trees.

I have a question though. Were you friends with this person over a few years before you aquired the tree? If you were, was there a goal in mind as to it's future look? I am left wandering about the shape of some of those branches in the upper portion as they border on un-natural. Not that they look bad, just that they stand out against the base of the tree.

Thanks for posting and also a warm greeting to John Kirby...I have missed your encouraging words.


Good question. Several people have said that it has an unnatural curve at the top. The following virtuals were supplied by Walter Pall and Bonsai Nut. Their thought is to move the apex back over the base somewhat.

It is something I am going to consider and ask many opinions on before I do anything. The old addage, measure twice and cut once, is very appropriate in this tree.

P.S. I believe the previous owner considered this tree in its finally styling.


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