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Ponderosa needing a bend

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Adair M:
Here's my Pondy. The long branch to the right needs to be bent back to give it some depth.

I would have done it sooner, but I don't think think its strong enough. So, I'm giving it time to power up. I'm lightly fertilizing now. I could give it some more.

Nice Adair.

  Keeping it ponderosa or grafting?

Love the trunk.

Adair M:
I'm keeping the Pondy foliage, at least for now.  Last summer, the needles that grew were about 1/2 the length of the old ones.  There are still some old needles on it now.  I didn't cut them off as I think the tree is still weak from being collected, and I wanted as much food factory working as possible.

It is back budding some, so that's a benefit.

In Larry Jackel's book, he describes a "Fall Decandling" technique.  Says it produces a lot of backbudding.  But should only be done once in the life of the bonsai.  (OR at least wait several years between doing it.)  I asked Kirby about it, and he recommended only doing it with really healthy trees.

So, I'll hold off for a while.

I will pay more attention to mulching in the pot during the summer to try to keep the roots cool.  Last summer was relatively cool, and the pot was shaded by daylilies.


Brian Van Fleet:
My buddy in IA pruned his pondy pretty hard in late August while styling it, and it back budded almost to the trunk the next spring.  Yours has good movement.


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