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Ponderosa needing a bend

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Your getting there Adair!  This yr is an explosion of back buds on two PP's, even one I just gave the initial potting out of pumice this yr.  The only thing I changed was to start using akadama last spring, otherwise I have no idea why they are gang busters this yr.

Here's one, potted last yr, and styled in '12? It's languished really till this yr prob due to over working it in that first styling. (darn, forgot I shot them vertically, sorry)

Any chance of some better pics of these trees? Please?

Here they are, excuse the mess in the back, I'm staining the cement next week a dark gray.

What mess?  Thank you.  I like your tree.  While at first it looks a little awkward it also looks like you're on your way to changing that.  Most of our Yamadori do look that way. Do you have an estimated age for your tree by any chance?

The second one?  I believe it's only 200 yrs, though I'm not sure to be honest. 

The tree's branching is hard to see, the older needles are long as I fed the hell out of it last couple of yrs, this yr is the first I"m holding off on ferts till elongation is complete. 


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