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Ponderosa - First Styling

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Dan W.:
Very nice tree! I love the movement and flow. Good work :)

Jason E:
Thought I would post an update on this tree. This is one of the trees I worked on this weekend w/ boon.
We bare rooted 1/2 of the root ball and repotted into pumice/akadama/lava.
Also after some discussion moved a major branch that was crossing over the trunk from right to left, back to the right.
this opened up a clearer view of the trunk, showing the "soul of the tree"
Looks a little untidy right now but has a clearer direction for the future.


Dan W.:
Looking good! Thanks for the update.

A bit hard to see in the photo, but it does seem to be less confusing to look at now.  Was it a challenge for you to remove that branch?  I always wonder if it's a difficult decision for others too, even when it makes it better in the end. 

Adair M:
Ah!  So that's where Boon was when I called him.


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