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Jason E:
Thanks, guys.
Yeah Judy, the placement of that branch kind of bugged me so it was a pretty easy decision to change it. The change had a very dramatic effect. In person it just looks much more natural and seems to bring out the age in the tree also.
Yes Adair, he comes up here three times a year. He told me this is his oldest study group, started 13 years ago I think. My first time w/ the group though, it was great.

thomas tynan:
When you look at the size of the wooden box vs. the size of the pot - there is quite a reduction in size. You are both wise and lucky to have an experienced teacher show you how to make this move and deal with the native soil. Did you take any pictures of your root mass as you worked on the tree?  Getting the tree out of the grow box and into its first pot is one of the big "bonsai steps" in my view. Understanding this is the first pot - and not necessarily the one you would show the tree in eventually - it does make the tree look/feel much bigger. Tom

Jason E:
Hi Thomas, thanks. I unfortunately did not have my camera w/ me, wish I had.
I think your right, the pot change prob has as much to do w/ the different feel of the tree as moving the branch did.
Glad this one is another step along the road.



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