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New tree for me

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I picked up a couple ponderosa pine at Nature's Way nursery this weekend.  This one should make a real nice literati style.  This will be my first attempt at both the style and the species.  I've got at least a full year if not two before I'll do any work on this one.  In the mean time I plan on staring at it alot! Hopefully it will start to grow strongly as I believe it was collected last year.

As far as I know it was collected by the Oregon bonsai fellas and sold to Walter Pall who has a collection for sale in PA.


Just a couple more shots.


John Kirby:
When was it collected? Was it repotted after it made its way to Pennsylvania?

I believe this one was collected last year, based on the strength of the buds compared to others in the nursery.  It is still in the 100% pumice that it was planted in after collection, so no it hasn't been repotted since it made the trip.


These were actually collected a few years ago according to Jim.  The date on the tree was the date it was repotted (after collection they went in a grow bed for 2-3 years.


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