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New tree for me

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John Kirby:
Thanks JR, they look a little too "green" (that is a very good thing) to have been fresh dug trees (more greyish). Do they keep them under plastic in the winter at Jim's? My ponderosas that are protected in cool poly houses  are much "brighter" and greener than the one's we leave out on the benches. John

These trees just arrived at Jim's a few weeks ago.  They were in the care of Randy Knight out in Oregon which probably explains the health of the trees.

When i bought my ponderosas from oregon bonsai they were potting them right up after collection, but that was 4 years ago, so maybe they are putting them in grow beds now.  You can contact Jason, I'm sure he'd be happy to give you all the details.  If it really has been that long since they were collected, you probably don't need to wait another year to start working on them.

- bob

Got it into a ceramic pot for future development.


The branch highlighted in red is the same age as me. (30) I love fun facts.



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