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Tony G:
  First let me introduce myself. My name is Tony. I live in the high desert of S.Cal. It's fairly dry here and gets pretty hot in the summer . Average around 100F and occasionally 110F. Winters are mostly in the low 30's and occasionally down to the low 20's. We get some snow but not alot. This is my first Ponderosa Pine. I haven't got it yet, I just paypaled payment to Andy Smith. The tree is #107 on page one of his websight. The tree was collected 10/10. Its in a bonsai pot already. I haven't been able to get a copy of Larry Jackel's book, "Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai ", it's out of print until spring. So I must ask for advise. What do I do once I have it? How and with what should I fertilize it with and how often?  How long should I wait to style it and what time of year? What should I use to keep bugs off it? What care does it need during winter and into spring, like pruning , pinching or what ever, or shoud it be left alone and just watered and fertilized for however long ( months- years ) ? And anything else that I have not asked due to my ignorance. I really appreciate any and all help I can get. Thank you all very much.

Tony G:
  I've read all the posts on ponderosa pines, and I get that I should leave the tree alone for 2 to 3 years before styling. So do I fertilize with a no nitrogen fertilizer during the winter? And what about next summer? Should I use a balanced fertilizer? One with a low nitrogen content? Or what? Please help! this is my first pine and these old tree's are so beautiful that I wouldn't forgive myself if I harmed it in any way. Also by do nothing does that mean absolutely nothing? Just fertilize and water, and let grow? Thanks for any and all help.

   Tony G

Adair M:
Patience, Tony.

When your pondersosa arrives, take pictures of it, from all 4 angles, and post them here.  You will get lots of advice.

Also, I believe Andy sells an instructionall DVD?  Maybe start there.

I would think it would do fine for you.  You might have to provide some shade during the heat of summer.

Trees are best styled when they're healthy.  I might suggest you allow it to acclimate before doing too much.  Plenty of water and fertilizer in the mean time.

So Tony did your tree arive?  How's it doing?  Let's see some pics.

- bob


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