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New addition to my collection...

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I think the new angle certainly unveils movement in the trunk that wasn't apparent before.  The styling really seems to take advantage of that movement.

If you don't mind me letting my mind wander for a little, and accepting the fact that when it wanders it doesn't get ensnared by technicalities (like whether there's branching to support my ideas) ...how would it look to further shorten the canopy by bringing the foliage that grows above the horizontal bend in the trunk down and in front of said trunk?  The quick virtual I made would be too embarrassing to show but I think the idea behind it looks nice.  I'm not sure its necessarily an improvement though it certainly makes for a smaller tree.  (With ponderosa needles, I'm not sure smaller tree is what you're after.)

Let me reiterate that I like the tree as it is.  Since I couldn't make out the trunk/branching in the apex my mind wandered and I thought I'd share.  Consider the idea for what it is ...which is short of a recommendation.

John Kirby:
Nice ponderosa. Will take a little bit of time to figure out if the new front is really better, or if you could just move it from one front to the other on a whim.

The one thing I notice on my small screen is that it appears that bud/candle growth and  development is assymetrical on this tree. How much work did you do on it when you repotted it? In good soil it should pop back strong mnext year. Or my eyesight may be too bad for this little computer.

Hope all is well,

Very cool tree that is right up my alley.  One thing though is that I feel the bend at the top detracts from the rugged look of the base.  Would a bit of a turn counter clockwise be possible in order to make that bend a little more subtle?  Just my opinion.  By the way...is that a spider on the trunk?


Vic - do you have any updates on how that spider in the last photo is doing?


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