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John Kirby:
I thought I would put up a couple of pictures of trees (ponderosa pines) that have made the move from the mountains of Wyoming , Colorado or South Dakota to the mid-South- Fayetteville, Arkansas. This pine was dug and bare rooted by Andy Smith in the spring of 2007, and I brought it south during that summer. Very strong, with an exceptional root system, it was wired, styled and carefully repotted by Mike Hagedorn the following winter.  The summer of 2008 was a slow recovery, it was disorganized in its bud production and needle growth, but continued to grow. This year it has popped back well  and had a coordinated round of bud development and needle growth. I cut the old needles and reduced bud numbers where necessary, needle length and density will be worked on over the next several years. The tree will be fertilized for the first time this year in mid-August. I will try and get some close ups of the dead wood, spiral and bend, which makes this tree interesting to me.  John

John Kirby:
For the tree above, I notice that I was about 15 degrees off of the corner of the pot (the front), thus the true front is not shown, will fix soon. The next tree is a Ponderosa that Larry Jackel of Colorado dug and I got from him in 2005. In its current form it is about 18" tall, when it is recompressed next week it will be about 12" tall. The tree was originally wired in 2006 and it is time for a major tweaking. the tree has had the old needles cut off and is about ready to work again.

This tree is planted in a Dale Cochoy pot that I picked up from Dale at the WBC in Washington D.C., a plug for Dale, he makes fine pots.


Jeff Lahr:
Nice pines with some excellent needle-size reduction. I like t he second one in particular because the trunk line is very interesting yet natural looking.

Hi John, thanks for sharing your Ponderosas.  I have one I got from a Larry Jackel workshop last fall, and another two I picked up this spring from Oregon Bonsai that I really love.  Your trees certainly give me a lot of inspiration on developing mine in the future.

John Kirby:
Hi, did a little wiring on this tree. The previous wire had been on since the fall of 2005. Tried to make it a bit more compact, and the tree actually has very good depth to it now.



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