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Large particle pumice for new ponderosa

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I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to ask this question on, so moderators please feel free to move the thread to a more appropriate forum.

I ended up picking up a pretty large ponderosa this weekend, which I believe was supplied by Oregon Bonsai (or some other collectors in Oregon).  I would post pictures of my new tree, but it's been raining every day for the past month so it's a bit difficult to pull the camera out.   :-[

It's in a nursery container at the moment, and is in what looks like pure pumice with particles in the 1/4"+ size.  I may repot it this spring given that it's been in this container for what sounds like at least 3 years to remove some of the native soil and refresh the pumice mixture.

I currently have my ponderosas (which are on the smaller side) in a mix that is primarily composed of smaller particles of pumice (from Dry Stall), lava and grit, but I'm thinking of using the larger size because of the size of the tree and because the tree seems very happy in that medium.   It sounds like the guys in Oregon swear by it, but I haven't seen pumice of this size on the East Coast - does anyone have any sources for pumice this size?

Thanks very much in advance.

I haven't been able to find any here in upstate NY, either. Hopefully someone can help!


Only place I know of that would ship it to you is Bonsai by Fields, in Indianapolis. I get my lava from Mark Fields or from Scott Yelich (Eagle Creek Bonsai,) also in Indy. I don't think Scott ships it, tho. (I don't worry about shipping since I coordinate my purchases with visits to family in Indy.  ;D )

North Star Bonsai, in York, PA, also shipped lava, but their website has been pretty much abandoned for several months. Tom may still have his store; I can give you a phone number if you want. Just send me a PM if you do.

John Kirby:
Try Diane at Wee Tree Farms in Philomath Oregon. www.weetree.com/

They ship everywhere. John

Just checked Wee Tree; they seem to have a pretty comprehensive assortment of ingredients.


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