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Grafting Ponderosa

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John Kirby:
Yes, these are grafts as Mr, Kamiya would have done then. ;D

John, do you have a website by chance that shows this technique.  Nothing came up in a google search of Kimaya root grafting.


--- Quote from: John Kirby on October 22, 2013, 07:40 PM ---Yes, these are grafts as Mr, Kamiya would have done then. ;D

--- End quote ---

Not much I can gather from your (masterful) illumination of the technique, but I found one interesting link depicting a supposed root graft done by someone who at some point was under the tutelage of Mr. Kamiya.  That didn't reveal much, but I enjoyed chasing links through the search.  Either you're busy or this is one of the topics where "the man" must be paid.  (All in due time, I'm hoping.)

John Kirby:
Sorry, very busy. Was teasing young Yen just a bit.

Boon learned a technique from Mr. Kamiya that is an approach graft that involves adding a double set of cuts and resultant flaps that are locked into complimentary flaps on the trunk/branch/root. For roots, the flaps are reversed to facillitate the transport mechanisms of the plant. Sounds vague, sorry. To do this you need sharp grafting chisels, 2, a sharp grafting knife, brads, grafting tape and grafting wax. This is a real extension of the approach graft and utilizes rooted cuttings, or seedlings, with trunks of about 1/4-1/2" in diameter. These new roots have the advantage of being more vigorous than the native roots. Make sense?

Jeremiah, Boon can teach you.

It does.  That's likely what I saw a picture of.  The details you mention weren't clear in the picture though.


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