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Tony G:
 Things have been going well with the Ponderosa Pine I got from Andy last fall. We had the usual early spring and the buds started to swell and a bunch of flower buds formed around the strongest buds. I picked them off as per Andy's instruction. Then it got a little colder again and we had some rain. Now  the buds have what looks like needles growing out of then. However, after the rain I noticed some white cotton like stuff on some of the needle/buds. It's not a lot but it has me worried. I can't do pictures right now or I would have put some up. What is this stuff?

Hi I have some of this af the moment as well, seems to have formed in late summer here, autumn now.  I have it on some JBP and some Scots pine, but not all.

I have sprayed a couple of test areas with some copper fungicide to see what happens, but not sure it is even an issue (other than it doesnt look great. 


I have had some too. It seems to be where some candles fell off due to some vermin early this spring. It went away after a few days/  week or so.

Dave Murphy:
I doubt it's a fungus...Mealy bugs, maybe, vs. normal?  As usual, pics would help.

Can you scrape off whatever-it-is easily with your fingers?


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