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Fathers day present

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I bought a small Ponderosa for fathersday.  I bought to play with before I did anything with my my larger Ponderosa.  I also believe you get a better tree for the money than you do a Japanes Black Pine.  This was bought from Andy Smith at Goldenarrowbonsai.com . 

And all these years, I thought a Father's Day present was one my kids bought for me or I bought for my father! Dangit!

Of course good collected material is usually better than most of what you get grown for bonsai, although this is just an observation, not a rule. Ponderosas make great bonsai material and i wish you the best.

Great piece of material. Good luck


Great looking material you have there.  Have you had time to study it yet?  Do you have a plan/goal in mind for this one?  As John Kirby said to me once, "want to tie a Ponderosa into a knot?"  Unbelievably flexible, these trees.

Any chance you could post a thread with the other Ponderosa too?

Congrats on the Father's day gift!

I've had this tree for only three weeks.  However, I was thinking maybe something like a flat top.  I would like to do something without taking too much of  that jin off.   It was collected in may of 07 I believe.  Probably the first thing will be a repot.  The rest of this year Im just going to feed it.                       andy

John Kirby:
Nice tree, Andy Smith is a treasure and needs to be supported by folks like us- I buy trees every year from Andy, wether I need them or not. I think the Jin on this tree is very nice, and doesn't need to be shortened at all. As a matter of opinion, I would make the Jin the apex and position all of the branches below it. Just be sure to raffia everything that you want to bend extremely. Boon really stresses this with Ponderosas, I look forward to seeing this tree in the future. You will also need to watch the reverse taper down below, forgivable but also something you can hide with turning.



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