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Dead Ponderosa


I didn't want to intrude in oakandwalnut's thread so thought I'd start a new one.

I got this tree last yr. from Andy Smith who collected it last spring.  I just took it out of the box.  I didn't see any root rot, but no new roots either.  But you can tell from the pictures that all the original soil wasn't washed out.

I just want to quote John K. from the other thread that is very pertinent:  "I will guarantee this- fail to repot your ponderosas out of the gunk they come from the mountains in, and you live in warm humid place (even just summers) and you will have a tree planted in a septic mess before you know it....The best way I have found to kill collected trees is to collect them, pot them up, and then throw them in to a vehicle and drive them somewhere that year. Doesn't always work, but does from time to time."

Yup John, you were right.  I'll def. get my new tree bare rooted!

Sorry to see that, Chris. A real bummer!  :( I know how it feels -- been there, done that. But you've learned from it, and that's the main point now.

Very decent of Andy to replace the tree gratis!

Thanks Steve!  And yes, Andy's been incredibly nice and I really appreciate it. 


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