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Thanks for the info Bob, very helpful.

Larry's book is excellent in my opinion.  Along with his care guidelines, he has regional care guides written by folks around the US, and also Walter Pall.  I'd highly recommend it.

This is a fantastic tree to jump back into the world of online bonsai with! I look forward to seeing it develop over the years.


Wrt the short needles you may have gotten some lucky genes on your side.  Andy Smith has a picture on his website of two ponderosa seedlings growing next to each other, one with the typical long needles and the other with much shorter needles.  He didn't know the reason definitively but speculated genetics. 

Beautiful tree!

Thanks Chris!

Grog, the old needles on this tree were very long, so unless it spontaneously mutated, I don't think it's a genetic thing.

John Kirby:
Bob, Larry's book is a nice species compilation with some very good information, if you cut
my short contribution out (jokingly said). Larry put a lot of his hard earned experience and knowledge into it. The additional contributions should give you a good sense of how to adapt his high mountain climate growing information to your locale.



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