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Bugs in the native soil.

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I treated almost all my trees yesterday with a preventive soil drench of a systemic fungicide. Before doing so, I (carefully!) dug out about a teaspoon of the remaining native soil from among the roots of my collected ponderosa. I'll put that soil back in the pot in a couple of days, in case the mycorrizhal fungi that the tree came with got clobbered by the fungicide.

While I was digging out that bit of soil, I encountered what looked like two pupal cases of something. They were too small for my camera's resolution, so I don't have pictures; sorry. Both were about 1/8-inch long, not quite as thick as a pencil lead, smooth, segmented, white with a bit of tan shading at one end. At first glance I thought they were broken-off bits of new root, but the segmentation, similar coloring, and the lack of any broken ends quickly scotched that possibility.

Does this description ring any bells with anyone? Whatever they are, I've never encountered them before (at least not at this stage of their life cycle.)

I hope you didn't put that stuff on any of your pines. 

I don't know much about bug identification in that particular part of their life cycles.  I would guess some kind of lil nasty grub, but then I have been known to jump to conclutions with bugs.

Outlaw, I didn't see any of the little blaggards in the reserved soil. And, in any event, I plan to treat all my trees with imidacloprid (a systemic insecticide) within the next few days. I was already planning to do that when I found the beasties. I'd still like to know what they are.


Take them to your local garden center or college that has an agriculture dept. you can put them in a tupperware container with some of the soil, pieces of bark and some old needles and see what hatches. Could just be moth pupae or some sort of beetles. might be easier to I.D. then.
 Did you say there was two of them? Lets name them. I vote "itchy and scratchy" ;D

John Kirby:
Steve, try spectracide, will kill almost any of the grubs. Killing off the native pests is critical to a good start. John


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