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Do you restrict water, or shield it from rain?  I've heard both of those things for reducing Pondy needles, but that sounds akin to the old way of reducing JBP needles that led to weakened trees.  I defer to experience though.

At this point I am not restricting water, just fertilizer. 

On the first one I would suggest potting so 2 feet are showing, one at each side, for stability.
Nice trees.

very nice trees.

Here are some updated images of these two trees.
I am taking them both to one of the Colin Lewis workshops in Chicago this weekend. Lets get some pads started.

For progression photos of these two ponderosa pines they can be found on this page. Just scroll down the page. http://www.mnbonsainetwork.com/ponderosa-pine-bonsai/

This first one the needles reduced down from about 5" down to about 2"-2.5".

This second Ponderosa Pine had it's needles reduced from about 6" or 7" down to 1"-1.5"


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