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My shohin japanese maple just arrived today. I just raked the root ball and placed it into a deep pot. I like the base and the movement, but I do not like certain branches. Planning on removing a few. What do you guys think?

more pictures...

To be honest almost all the branches lack character. Would it be a good idea to get rid of all the branches?

I'm no expert, but I agree. Some of the higher branches are thicker than the lower ones (it looks like).

I am pretty sure tridents can grow branches back relatively well. Al has a ton of experience with trident maples (his blog is here http://bonsaial.wordpress.com/trident-maples/) and it looks like has has chopped some of his down to just the trunk (and leaves a few well placed shoots/small branches) and re-grown the branch work.

He may have more insight, but if you're not happy, it's not impossible to fix with tridents - assuming you have time in your trees plan to re-grow!

I'm no expert either, but yes, I agree too.

Very nice trunk line. However, It looks like it is trying to lose taper.

I would let the bottom branch run to keep the base fatter, and keep the apex open (half leaf pruned) as much as vigor allows (once or twice a season) to keep it in check.  knocking off any unwanted buds up top before they divert energy.

With properly scaled branches this is going to be a very sexy tree.



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