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John Kirby:
OK, I know both of those trees, I thinkI helped repot, or at least moss, the first one a 2-3 years ago for the show. Both are trident maples, both are very large and spent a decade or more in the ground. You have a nice tree. Wait until earl spring, bare root and then see where the best nebari line is and then repot into a growing container and prune.

I doodled on pic #9 to show you the inside and outside curves (terrible drawing but you should get the idea). Red is the outside of the curve, and green is the inside (roughly).

Here is an update.

The leaves fell of and dried up quickly on this one. I pulled them off and decided it's time to prune hard. As I mentioned before, most of the branches were thick with no movement -just plain ugly. Today, I took in a lot of consideration on which ones to prune. If there was a bud growing by the base of the branch, I cut it back to the bud. I tried not to remove branches in the same area to discontinue sap flow. One of the branches I decided to cut halfway by the base. It was the thickness branch so I decided to do it in sections to avoid die back on the trunk. Maybe I could of totally removed but, I decided to go the safe route. I still have a lot of work to do on top; however, I already have a huge cut there that needs to fill in.


Thanks for the update and all the pictures.  You have a yellow band on one of your lower limbs, what is your plan for that limb? I'm excited to see the progress over the next few years.


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