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Separated a pot-layered Twin-trunk Japanese Maple

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one more question - the exact placement of the wire tourniquet - you said as close to the upper edge - but is that below the cut line - ie on the hardwood, or above the cut line on live bark?

- bob


Below the cut line, on the hardwood.


--- Quote from: bwaynef on August 29, 2012, 08:42 AM ---Below the cut line, on the hardwood.

--- End quote ---

So, the purpose for that is to help prevent the wound from closing, by blocking the callous tissue from moving down?


That, and it has to physically encourage roots not to grow down but out.  I'm not entirely sure about that, but it was part of my thinking.  I should've used bigger wire for this aspect, ...but I'm not entirely sure its necessary anyway.

bruce m:
looks good great rooting,when did you do the cutting.how long did this take?



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