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Separated a pot-layered Twin-trunk Japanese Maple

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--- Quote from: bwaynef on August 27, 2012, 03:23 PM ---A couple of times throughout the year, I'd poke and prod at the ball of moss (surrounded by Boon Mix) that was hidden in the pot to see if there were roots.  Pretty early on I was sure that roots had struck, but I got busy this summer with other things and wasn't able to check regularly.

I expected I'd have enough roots to sustain the tree when I went to separate it this weekend.  Boy was I surprised!

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This surgery is so satisfying isn't it?  I've done this with just pumice  mixed with milled sphagnum over a sheet of weed barrier then covered with a layer of moss. The barrier prevents the new roots from growing down into the soil surface. I was amazed how quickly the roots slithered through the pumice with good movement out to the edge of the pot.


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