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Hi Sorce

Thanks for the information once again.  I jumped right in and tried it as soon as work was done.  Keeping fingers crossed that it works out.

Make sure the tile's at least an inch (2.54 cm) below the surface of the soil to keep from drying out those roots you're trying hard to create!

Thanks for the advice. Going to look at it first thing this morning and check that the soil is settled. Will definitely add more if needed.


--- Quote from: DorianJF on November 12, 2014, 06:04 AM ---That great.

So my understanding is that when you say it goes bottom up its  like this

15 buds on the bottom and then less all the way to the top.

--- End quote ---

Yup, I never read this anywhere, its just something I do cuz it makes sense.

I have  a little clump elm I am working on, in a grow out stage, same concept, smallest trunk has less foilage. And on up. It is keeping its proportions well.

Forgot your location for a second. Its still spring there? Early summer?

You are well on you way with those! Definitely. Keep the Nebari, or new future nebari, covered well.


Thanks Sorce.

I think that is a great concept that you have there.  I believe that it does add another dimension to bonsai.

Definitely added extra soil onto the top to make sure that roots are protected.

Yes, still spring here.  December summer starts.  But it has been very hot and dry till the last few days when we had good rain for 3 days.


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