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Seedlings - Suggestions on where to next

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I decided to get rid of the one stump that has not been growing at all and then thread through one of the cuttings that had taken root to replace it.

After removing the soil I was very happy as there was quite a bit of root growth about the tile (although I would of loved more).

I cut off the one stump and then drilled it out and right through to the bottom for the cutting to be thread through.

And that is where everything seemed to go pear shaped -  >:( >:( >:(

I noticed that I had taken bark off the trunks and when threading through the cutting I seemed to scratch bark off that too.

I am hoping that the cutting that I threaded through has some new buds that will take and that I did not cause too much damage.  I think this is where my inexperience came to the front and bit me in the @$$.

Just to round it off, I then broke off all the new growth on one of the trunks (My fat fingers) so I decided to rather get it back into the soil and leave it to hopefully recover.

Looking at another thread made me decide to update this one.

Well my fears were correct.  I have unfortunately gone from 5 seedlings down to 3.  My attempt at incorporating a new seedling into the mix did not work.

In saying that, the 3 stems left are very healthy and growing nicely.

2 of the trunks have split growth (2 shoots going upwards) and I am not sure if that is right or if I should of cut one of the 2 new shoots off earlier.

Once again, I will wait for July (mid to end winter) to dig it up, check the roots and do a cut back. 


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