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Seedlings - Suggestions on where to next

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John Kirby:
Hmmmm, always fascinating. And forever out there.

Just a quick update on how this is progressing and suggestions on where to next.

The seedlings are doing well and growing nicely with loads of leaves.

Do I leave it like this now till spring in Sept or must I start trimming and wiring already?


Its my understanding that you want as much rampant growth as you can get so that the trunk swells to a point that it's forced to throw roots above the tile.  I wouldn't trim, ...and unless you're sure the branch is in a good spot, I wouldn't wire either.  (No real harm in directional/light wiring though.)

Awesome.  Thanks for the input


The only thing to trim is any shoot that devides from any leader. Keep each tree one leader only. Any branching divides the growth and swelling below stops.

As it is this year it is OK and growing well so leave it alone. Next year you will cut all the canes to about 2 inches long and start over. Do not cut the canes in the fall leave thru winter and cut just before bud break, around first of Feb. next year.


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