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Those leaves in your close-up picture are gorgeous - not just for the color, but for the perfect shape, symmetry, incisions, etc.  Really nice.


All good questions ... no need to apologize.

This tree was started in Seattle.  Forgive me, at the time, I was young to bonsai.  Made no records, pics, etc ... so this is from memory, started greater than 15 years ago.  As memory serves me ...

Nursery stock trunk was 3/4", total height was 3' or more.  I cut the tree down to about 18" shortly after purchase and put in ground.  In the next 1-2 years, reading more about bonsai, I chose to layer, getting second trunk.  Year later, took out of ground and positioned both trunks in bonsai pot.  Developed in oversized bonsai pot for next ten years.  Moved to Minnesota, wintered in greenhouse.  Three years ago, I planted into a shallow pot, the one pictured, to increase root spread.  Those have been the best three years in development.  Trunk girth increasing, as well as root spread.  Root spread now at about 5-6" (depends how much moss you take off), largest trunk now about 1.5" above root spread.

Thanks for your interest,


That is a nice tree Josh! I just cut off an air layer on a JM I did this spring that is very similar style.  I'll prob. do what you did, next spring put it in the ground for a couple years at least.  This was my first air layer, and I found the whole process very interesting, from the actual technique to watching the roots form over the summer.   Felt like a kid looking inside a candy store LOL

Again, great tree.  And good luck!

I have to agree with everyone, just an awesome tree.  When I first looked at it, I thought, "the second branch on the mother trunk is thicker than the first branch.  The other trunk has a super thick branch that looks out of place..", but then I stepped back and I just really like this tree.  Yeah, it might not have a "perfect" winter image, but it looks damn good in leaf.  Loved all the stages from spring growth, to summer growth, to fall color.  Did you airlayer or groundlayer the nursery stock?

I forgot to mention, I just cut and planted an air layer from nursery stock that is going to look very similar to this bonsai.  Can't wait till next year when I can work on it ;)


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